The morning of June 23, 1990 started out perfectly normal at a McDonald’s in Bellevue, Washington — until an employee went to take out the trash.

Lying near a pile of sweepings was a nude deceased woman. Although investigators saw no visible gunshot or stab wounds, they noticed something unusual – the victim’s body was deliberately posed.

Russell's First Victim

"Somebody had taken quite some time staging the body. I had noticed there was a large size coffee cup lid covering her right eye. One foot was crossed over the other and her hands were folded over her stomach and they were holding a pine cone," Detective John Hansen told the press.

The police knew they had a sadistic necrophile on their hands. What they did not expect was that they were facing a serial killer with one of the most distinctive methods of operation – George Russell.

On August 9, 1990, seven weeks after the first murder, a 13-year-old girl realized her mom hadn't woken up for work yet. When she went to check on her, she walked into Russell's second murder scene.

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