Dubbed “the Internet’s first serial killer,” John Robinson killed eight young women whom he met on the Internet to fulfill his lust as a self-proclaimed “slave master.”

On June 2, 2000, Robinson was arrested inside his house in Kansas after two of his "slaves" filed battery and theft complaints against him. Robinson appeared visibly nervous as the police searched for evidence inside his home.

Photographs found on Robinson's computer revealed his deep interest in sadomasochism. He also had photos of his bound victims.

One of John Robinson's "slaves"
This photo depicts what Robinson was doing to his female “slaves.” This was one of the hundreds of images that Robinson had on his computers, which were presented in court as evidence against him and enabled the authorities to identify additional victims.

The task force then shifted their focus to Robinson's storage locker. Upon arrival, detectives immediately discovered pictures and documents of missing women from the 1980s.

Kansas storage locker where John Robinson kept the property of one of his victims
A look inside the Kansas storage locker where Robinson kept the property of one of his victims.

Investigators also found sex toys, slave contracts, envelopes addressed to the missing women's relatives, and blank sheets of paper signed with the names of the missing women.

Sex toys recovered from Robinson's property
The sex toys Robinson stole from one of his slaves.

With a wealth of evidence in their possession, the following day, police visited Robinson’s 17-acre farm, accompanied by three search-and-rescue dog teams.

The search eventually led investigators to the barrels near a shed.

Barrels containing the remains of two of John Robinson’s victims
The search and rescue dog teams guided the authorities to the barrels containing the remains of two of Robinson’s victims.

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