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True Crime Factbook (Paperback)

Did you know that Ted Bundy was a member of a crime prevention task force for the state of Washington, where he authored a pamphlet on rape prevention?

200 pages of little-known true crime facts you may have never heard before!

  • Perfect Bound Paperback
  • 220 Pages
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365 Days of Crime (Paperback)

365 days of brutal, foolish and nearly perfect crimes. 365 fascinating true crime stories. Over 700 pages of pure true crime history.

From the death row inmate who sued the state for botching his execution, to a bank robber who gave the cashier his full name and address, 365 Days of Crime is this year’s HOTTEST true crime treat.

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  • Perfect Bound Paperback
  • 387 Pages
  • Ships Out: Q2 2024

Behind the Tape Photobook (Paperback)

Hundreds of crime scenes. Nearly a thousand never-before-seen crime scene photos. The true horror is hiding behind the yellow tape.

From Ted Bundy’s Issaquah dumpsite to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment, Behind the Tape is a must-have for every true crime fan.

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  • Perfect-Bound Paperback
  • Ships Out: Q2 2024
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