Between 1975 and 1977, David Berkowitz killed 6 people and injured 9, including two young women he claimed he stabbed prior to his “Son of Sam” reign of terror.

Son of Sam Crime Scene
Police rope off the area around a car as they search for evidence in a secluded lovers’ lane. Robert Violante was shot in the eye, which was permanently blinded, and his date, Stacy Moskowitz, was killed. (AP Photo, File)

While most people know David Berkowitz as a serial killer, he was also one of the most prolific serial arsonists in history.

Son of Sam Crime Scene
New York City police detectives observe a composite sketch of “Son of Sam” shared with 73 precinct houses. (NY Times)

Upon Berkowitz’s arrest in 1977, investigators discovered a detailed handwritten log of 1,411 fires the “Son of Sam” had started.

Son of Sam Crime Scene
A female police officer stands by a car in a toll booth, where police were stopping cars containing white males during the search of the Son of Sam, who wounded another young couple earlier the same morning. (AP Photo)

Berkowitz’s records included the location of the firebox from which the alarm was turned in, the address of the fire, what kind of fire equipment the department used, the time of day, and the weather.

Son of Sam Crime Scene
The Son of Sam victim Virginia Voskerichian lies alongside hedges at her home 69-11 Exeter Street. (AL AARONSON)

Eerily enough, some fires were close to the “Son of Sam” murder scenes.

Son of Sam Crime Scene
Stacy Moskowitz is rushed into Kings County Hosptial operating room with eyes swollen and two .44 caliber head wounds after being shot by Berkowitz. (Getty Images)

The fires, which Berkowitz set at a rate of nearly 500 a year, ranged from small blazes in trash cans and vacant lots to buildings.

Son of Sam Crime Scene
Magazine clips and the “last letter” found in Berkowitz’s car are displayed on August 11, 1977. (AP Photo)
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