During his three-year stint in prison, the infamous cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer became known for his twisted sense of humor.

β€œIf he saw a guard that was nervous and standing near enough to hear him, he would say, β€˜I bite.’ Usually, the guard would jump away and that would make Jeff laugh,” former minister Roy Ratcliff recalled.

Ratcliff also said Dahmer had put up a sign on the wall of his cell that read, "Cannibals Anonymous Meeting Tonight."

β€œHe sort of played with his persona to exaggerate it and make people more fearful. This was just his way β€” morbid humor to deal with his hopeless situation.”

Little did Dahmer expect that his morbid humor would cost him his life.

A blood-soaked scene of Jeffrey Dahmer's murder

On November 28, 1994, while cleaning the prison gymnasium toilet, convicted murderer Christopher Scarver bludgeoned the cannibal with a 20-inch metal bar. He then proceeded to beat another inmate, Jesse Anderson, who was assigned to work with the pair, with a wooden stick.

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