Meet Joachim Kroll - a German serial killer who led investigators back to his crime scenes and re-enacted the murders with volunteer police officers.

German serial killer Joachim Kroll re-enacting one of his murders

Between 1955 and 1976, Kroll kidnapped, raped, strangled, and mutilated at least eight women.

On July 4, 1976, Kroll was arrested for kidnapping and killing four-year-old Marion Ketter after a man notified the police that his neighbor, Joachim Kroll, had clogged the pipes in their apartment building by flushing rabbit innards down the toilet.

German serial killer Joachim Kroll re-enacting one of his murders with a female volunteer

After examining the sewage pipe, police realized that the innards were not those of a rabbit but of a small human.

Inside Kroll's apartment, investigators found plastic bags containing four-year-old's remains in the freezer. Simmering on the stove, police found a soup made of carrots, potatoes, and Ketter's severed hand.

Joachim Kroll's kitchen
Joachim Kroll's kitchen. (Keystone)

During questioning, Kroll told the investigators he would often catch his victims by surprise and strangle them. He would then strip the body naked and have intercourse with it, often masturbating over it afterward.

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