Meet William Suff, a real-life monster who raped, tortured, stabbed, strangled, and mutilated at least 12 Riverside County sex workers in less than three years.

William Suff's victim Lisa Lacik
Lisa Lacik was found in San Bernardino County, her right breast excised and tossed nearby, her head bent forward and buried in the ground like an ostrich.

Eleanor Casares
Eleanor Casares was found in an orange grove that Bill refers to as a "graveyard". Her right breast had been removed and hung from a tree branch.

A man, who, 15 years before his murder spree, was convicted of beating his two-month-old daughter to death and sentenced to 70 years in prison, serving only ten before being released on parole in 1984.

Delliah Zamora
William Suff positioned Delliah Zamora by the roadside so she would look like she was hitching a ride.

William Suff's victim Sherry Latham
Sherry Latham's right thumb and index finger were wrapped around the branch of a bush, and the other three fingers were clenched. Suff thought she was dead when he dumped her here just off the side of the road, but she apparently had one last gasp and tried to crawl for help before succumbing.

Five years later, he began cruising around red-light districts in a van, killing as much as 22 innocent prostitutes.

Kelly Hammond
Suff posed Hammond's body in a demeaning manner: head bowed into a trench, rear end upraised, legs, feet, arms, and fingers bent under or fanned, with particular attention paid to their positioning.

Described by neighbors as "a friendly nerd who was always doing things to help people," Suff allegedly used the breast of one of his victims in his prize-winning chili.

Catherine McDonald
William Suff claimed he used McDonald's breast in his award-winning chili.

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