The Golden State Killer became infamous for having a twisted trait – taunting the authorities and even his victims before and after the attacks via phone.

Although there are over 10 phone calls attributed to Original Night Stalker’s name, only 3 of them have been caught on tape.

1977 “Never Gonna Catch Me” Call

On December 2, 1977, a man claiming to be the rapist called the Sacramento Police, saying: “You’re never gonna catch me, East Area Rapist, you dumb fuckers, I’m gonna fuck again tonight. Careful!” The call was recorded and later released to the public. The killer attacked his next victim the same night.

1978 “Is Ray There?” and “Gonna Kill You” Call

On January 2, 1978, the first known rape victim received a wrong-number call asking for “Ray”.

The soft-spoken caller didn’t raise an alarm until later that evening when the phone rang again. This time, the victim instantly identified the voice of her assailant. The caller said, “Gonna kill you … gonna kill you … gonna kill you … bitch … bitch … bitch … bitch … fuckin’ whore.”