Meet William Suff, a real-life monster who raped, tortured, stabbed, strangled, and mutilated at least 12 Riverside County sex workers in less than three years.

A man, who, 15 years before his murder spree, was convicted of beating his two-month-old daughter to death and sentenced to 70 years in prison, serving only ten before being released on parole in 1984.

William Suff's Victim

Five years later, he began cruising around red-light districts in a van, killing as much as 22 innocent prostitutes.

Described by neighbors as “a friendly nerd who was always doing things to help people,” Suff allegedly used the breast of one of his victims in his prize-winning chili.

William Suff's Victim

Viewed as a seemingly model citizen, Suff successfully blended into the society and was once hired to deliver furniture to the serial killer task force investigating his crimes.

His killing spree came to an end on January 9, 1992, when Suff was arrested during a routine traffic stop after a police officer found a bloody knife and objects believed to be related to the killings.

William Suff's Victim

During closing arguments to the jury during Suff’s trial, prosecutor Paul E. Zellerbach, said:

“I submit to you, Mr. Suff is no longer a member of the human race. By the nature of the crimes he has committed, he has no heart, he has no soul and, by God, he has no conscience.”

William Suff's Victim

On October 26, 1995, William Suff was condemned to death and, to this date, resides on death row at San Quentin State Prison awaiting execution.

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