On February 8, 1983, Dyno-Rod employee Michael Cattran responded to plumbing complaints made by the tenants of 23 Cranley Gardens, London.

An exterior of the house Dennis Nilsen lived in

After opening the drain cover at the side of the house, Cattran discovered that the drain was packed with a flesh-like substance and numerous small bones.

Fearing that the bones could be of human origin, Cattran and his supervisor called the police.

Plumber Mike Cattran in front of the drain he discovered the human remains in
Michael Cattran opens the drain he discovered the human remains in. (Mirrorpix)

Fellow tenants told the police that the top floor apartment, suspected to be the source of the blockage, belonged to Dennis Nilsen.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay and his two colleagues opted to wait outside the house until Nilsen returned home from work.

The door leading to Dennis Nilsen's apartment

As Nilsen opened the door to his flat, police officers were hit with the stench of rotten flesh.

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