The Zodiac killer is one of the most elusive and unusual serial killers in American history.

Zodiac Killer Crime Scene
Riverside Police Officers at the crime scene of Cheri Jo Bates, the first suspected victim of the Zodiac Killer.

Known for his bizarre, rambling handwritten letters, the Zodiac sent baffling ciphers, quoted musical lyrics, taunted police, and threatened to shoot school children.

Zodiac Killer Crime Scene
Approaching the Lake Herman Road crime scene.

Unlike most serial killers, the Zodiac called police to report his crimes and wore a hooded costumer featuring his chosen symbol, the crossed circle.

Zodiac Killer Crime Scene
Vallejo phone booth used by the Zodiac to report the Blue Rock Springs attack.

The Zodiac wounded two people and killed at least five others during the period between December 1968 and October 1969.

Zodiac Killer Crime Scene
An eerie writing the Zodiac Killer left on the car door at the Lake Berryessa crime scene.

More letters, postcards, and other clues continued until 1971 when the Zodiac disappeared.

Zodiac Killer Crime Scene
The lifeless body of a cab driver Paul Stine.

In January 1974, the San Francisco Chronicle received another letter which hinted at suicide and described the classic horror film The Exorcist as “the best saterical comidy.”

Zodiac Killer Crime Scene
San Francisco homicide inspectors David Toschi and William Armstrong go through a Zodiac victim’s clothes at the morgue in the Hall of Justice in San Francisco.

Hoax letters continued over the years, but the infamous Zodiac vanished into the history books, leaving a bloody trail of morbidly fascinating physical and visual clues.

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